“Hi Janene,

Wow! I am so grateful for your input and help with my thesis! My apologies that I have not replied to you sooner, but I can let you know that my thesis has been completed and accepted! With many thanks to you! It may sound a little strange, but your comments and feedback have helped me to learn about how to communicate effectively through writing. I am enormously grateful for your input and professionalism.

Many thanks again.

Warmest Regards,

Yvonne East, UNSW Master of Fine Arts, December 2016  

“When I started writing my PhD thesis, I thought it might be a good idea to have copyediting ‘on the go’ to save time and prevent myself from additional stress at the end. This strategy paid out beautifully. Janene’s feedback on different chapters was always very helpful and enhanced the overall quality of thesis writing. Janene very quickly returned the chapters. That helped me to stay on track with the following ones.
Due to my German background there was no doubt to order copyediting on a thesis written in English language at academic level. Janene’s suggestions in terms using significant expressions brought my thesis to a very high level academic writing.
I definitely recommend Janene for copyediting. Her feedback is worth every dollar.”

Annette Helling-Benze, University of the Sunshine Coast, School of Business (PhD thesis submitted March 2016)

“While writing up my PhD thesis, it became apparent that after spending so much time and effort on the document it was appropriate to have someone professionally edit it so that the final product was the best it could be. In my search for someone to edit my thesis I found Janene Carey. Janene was very easy to deal with and clearly experienced at editing. I liked the fact that she had completed a PhD herself so really understood the process and many of the requirements for a thesis. She was very efficient in editing the document, and during the period she was editing kept in close contact and checked up about things such as appropriate terminology when it came to some of the technical wording. The result was a polished document that I am sure helped the examination process. As a testament to the quality of the work, there were no comments about typographic errors or presentation problems in my examiners’ reports. I would highly recommend Janene’s services to anyone considering having their thesis edited.”
Dr Sanjyot Vagholkar, University of New South Wales, School of Public Health & Community Medicine (PhD thesis approved May 2015)

Dr Janene Carey enjoys an excellent and widespread reputation as a thesis editor. I was near completion of my master’s thesis when I realised that I really needed assistance with the format and general editing of my work in a fairly limited period of time. I was concerned about finding someone who both understood the material I was working with and who charged reasonably. I found Janene more than met both criteria. She demonstrated flexibility and interest. She has a great eye for detail and most importantly is very patient. The fact that she has been through the process of thesis writing herself is evident from her professionalism. I have no reservations in recommending her work.”
Annmaree, University of Wales Master of Arts in Celtic Studies candidate (thesis submitted January 2015)

Finishing a PhD thesis is a major life milestone. Years of thinking, planning, designing, gathering data, analyzing and writing go into the finished product. For me this was all consuming, each chapter a major work in itself. Reading and rereading your own writing over those years and across many drafts is not as easy as it might at first seem. For me, someone to provide grammar advice, check for consistency in my spelling or expression was invaluable. Help with formatting a large 90,000+ word document and checking for dots and commas in the right place for 200 plus references was a huge help too! In the last weeks of a PhD, where the polishing of my thesis was paramount, it was fantastic to have Dr Janene Carey as an editor. My tip for other people writing a thesis, and nearing completion is to engage an editor to work with you to polish your writing so that it shines in all the places you might have missed because you have become so close to your own work. The commas, semicolons, references, and formatting all matter, and presentation that is polished will make a great first impression to any reader. I can recommend Janene as a professional thesis editor based on my experiences as a PhD candidate who has recently submitted a thesis for examination – confident that the grammar, referencing style and formatting are of high quality, and hopeful that the examiners will find the content (my work alone) favourable as well!”
Rhonda, University of New England School of Health PhD candidate (thesis submitted May 2014)