Married to the job

I have another story in OUTBACK magazine – this time it is a business one about a wedding planner who lives way out in the sticks …

MelissaBowman plain bg

Business » Married to the job

Living on a cattle property in north-west New South Wales didn’t dissuade Melissa Bowman from becoming a wedding planner.


Magazine Issue
Outback magazine
Issue 104 – Dec 2015-Jan 2016
page 92-93
Issue 104


Melissa Bowman was 35 years old and had three small children when she discovered her dream job. Her husband’s brother wanted to get married on the family farm 75 kilometres north of Tamworth, but he and his bride lived in Hong Kong, so he employed a wedding planner to handle the details. As she watched this woman at work, Melissa thought, “That’s exactly what I want to do. I’ve always loved everything about weddings and I love to organise, I love to plan things.”

Initially she thought her location would be a big disadvantage. “But with the internet and social media and word-of-mouth, it just hasn’t been a problem for me at all,” Melissa says.

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